Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Three Books

I spent yesterday reading the book club selection, Missing Isaac, by Valerie Fraser Luesse. I would give it three stars for a debut novel. This was a good read, except for the vast number of characters. I kept up with the four main characters, but only toward the end did I get a hold on who was who among the others. Isaac and his mother were the only ones I was sure were black.

When I finished that one, I took up The Hobbit where I had left off. All day I had not turned on the television or the computer. In the late afternoon I tried to get online and couldn't. The I found that the TV and the phones were out. Looking out the front door through the rain, I saw a big limb from the ivy-covered tree lying on the ground, and the cable line lying under it. So I went up to Ramey's house and called Charter, and they came this morning and fixed it.

Today I finished reading The Hobbit, which I love a lot. And now I'm free to read my new book that arrived last week, The Dawn Watch: Joseph Conrad in a Global World, by Maya Jasanoff. John Le Carre called it superb, and Louis Menand described it as "history, biography, and adventure story."

I can't get rid of the spaces below.

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Deb said...

I don't hear storms sometimes since I have lived in this apartment. It must be due to living on the bottom floor.
I am glad the tree did not fall on the house! Had that happen about 17 years ago. Couldn't understand why it was so dark in the living/dining room! Had to go out the back door, as the tree fell across the garage, too! Scary time!
I need to read The Hobbit again. Haven't read it in years.
Have a nice evening!
Hugs and love ­čĺľ